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Student's Volunteer Activities "Green Summer Campaign"


Tien Giang University has just launched the 2019 Summer Youth Volunteer campaign on July 1 under the theme of "Tien Giang University youth to volunteer for building homeland”. Tien Giang university seeks to enhance each student’s sense of social responsibility as well as strengthen the connection between each student and the community.

The 2019 Summer Youth Volunteer campaign will run from July 1 July 14 with the participation of 300 volunteers divided into 5 teams operating in 8 districts towns in the province.

During the campaign period, the teams will carry out the following tasks: Organizing revision summer activities for students, supporting poor households to repair or rebuild houses and public works, clearing bushes, repairing electrical system, visiting organizations giving gifts to martyrs' families, etc…


By VINH SON – Translated by HUU TAM


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